Camp on the Outside, Yeshiva on the Inside

Camp Tzeirei Hatmimim has concluded its third week as an overnight camp in Baltimore MD. Campers were immersed in learning, while enjoying activities in a chassidishe atmosphere.

The talmidim are mastering the entire Perek Shlosha Sheochlu, with the older talmidim learning selected tosfos, a section of Hilchos Kibbud Ov Ve’eim and various ma’amorei chassidus. Uniquely designed shiurim in Jewish history, practical halocho, pirush hamilos of davening and darkei hachassidus all add to the special flavor of Tzeirei Hatmimim. 

The camp runs in Yiddish, including all the plays, activities and original camp songs. Parents have testified that their son joined the program with a minimal command of Yiddish, and have seen drastic improvement over the summer.

The curriculum, the activities and programs are all directed by Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf and Rabbi Yosef Klein. Rabbi Klein’s chosen staff, oversees their work and gives the camp its distinct flavor.

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