Website Offers ‘Unique Writing Space for Lubavitch’

From the Inbox: A new website promises to be “a platform for all the incredible perspectives we have all heard over the years, and especially the ones we haven’t yet been exposed to.”

Dear Lubavitch,

We had an idea. We have come across some amazing people in our lives. More importantly, these amazing people had some incredible ideas. Ideas about life. Ideas about chassidus. Ideas about Our Rebbe. Ideas about addressing all of the beauties, and imperfections we have as individuals and as chassidim in general.

We got together and spoke about all these people with all these ideas, and how it’s such a waste that they are being kept away from us. We also realized that there are almost definitely more people out there with insights to share. Having such people keeping their thoughts tucked away in the archives of their mind, or the notes app on their phone just doesn’t make sense. So here it is.

A site open for all to share. A site, open to be a platform for all the incredible perspectives we have all heard over the years, and especially the ones we haven’t yet been exposed to.

This is not a contest. There’s no money on the line. There’s no one judging what is worth putting out there. This is a site dedicated to sharing thoughts. Thoughts that maybe we all have and are too afraid to share. Maybe it’s a story. A simply incredible story, or maybe it feels ordinary, but someone may read it and do something because of it.

What it comes down to is – why not? There is absolutely nothing to lose and possible monumental gain.

In the times of the Alter Rebbe chassidim would say that the piece of bread is yours like it is mine. It shouldn’t end with bread. Ideas, and stories, and insights are much more valuable, and they can be shared at absolutely no cost.

Don’t overthink this, this is simply a great opportunity.

Of course above all, whether you contribute or not, make sure to check out the site, we think you will be blown away by how many of our neighbors have mind-blowing stories, and thoughts. Also, nothing is absolute. Discussion is pivotal to the growth of an idea, or perspective. There will be a comments section, so even if you didn’t contribute there is a lot you can do.

So if it wasn’t clear until now, who’s this for? Men, Women, shluchim, businessman, bachurim, mashpiim. You get the point. For what? For sharing ideas on any possible experience we have. Chassidus, shlichus, shidduchim, moshiach, mental health, being in yeshiva or seminary or high school or mesivta. Being a chassidishe baal habus. Or anything else. 

We figured no one would want to break the ice so we got other people to do it.

So the coast is clear.

Important side point: posting your (the potential authors) name is not necessary at all. In a certain sense, we encourage you to send in things anonymously, giving you more liberty in how you write.

Important side point #2: All posts will be checked over to make sure they fit with our standards as chassidim. Now, if you’re a professional writer you’re probably thinking this isn’t for you. You have your site where you share your beautiful thoughts. But think about the impact you can have by setting an example, sending a message that expressing these incredible thoughts is not just for when you get paid for it. And more importantly, maybe you can share something more personal that you can’t share on the medium that you’re paid to contribute to. With a writing style like yours that’s so good it’s worth paying for, the effect will be huge.

We all have unique perspectives that can shed so much light. For some reason, we’ve been holding it back. Why? We’re not sure. But at least we always had the excuse that there wasn’t a platform that enabled us to do this. We’re running out of excuses.

– The Editors.
The site. –

Send all potential ideas/posts, and especially feedback (we love feedback) to – [email protected]

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