Watch: The Shmuppets Teach This Week’s Sicha

Kids: Watch the Shmuppets teach the Sicha of the week as part of Project Likkutei Sichos, answer a question and enter a raffle. Plus: Winner of last week’s raffle.

After the great success of The Shmuppets weekly Project Likkutei Sichos videos, Shmuppets is starting a kids raffle to encourage children to participate in Project Likkutei Sichos.

To join the raffle, just watch the weekly video at or and fill out a question at to receive a ticket for prizes such as digital cameras, seforim, and electric scooters.

“Baruch Hashem, we got over 150 submissions for last week’s raffle,” the creators of the Shmuppets told

The raffle was made, and the winner is Mendel Zwiebel, 10, from Ashland Oregon. The next raffle will IY”H take place Motzei Shabbos Parshas Chukas-Balak, on the sichos of Korach and Chukas-Balak. Each week there will be a question to fill out for a raffle ticket.

This week’s video:

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