Watch: Final Shmuppets Sicha Video

Kids: At the conclusion of Chumash Bamidbar, the Shmuppets released their final Sicha video. Watch, answer the questions and enter a raffle.

After the great success of The Shmuppets weekly Project Likkutei Sichos videos, Shmuppets is starting a kids raffle to encourage children to participate in Project Likkutei Sichos.

Over 10,000 people watched the weekly videos to learn the Sicha, and hundreds of children answered questions every week on the Sichos, to win amazing prizes like a digital camera, a set of seforim, and an electric scooter!

To join the raffle, just watch the weekly video and fill out a question at to receive a ticket for prizes such as digital cameras, seforim, and electric scooters.

The next raffle will take place Motzei Shabbos Parshas Matos-Masei, on the Sichos of Pinchas and Matos-Masei. Make sure to answer the questions for this week, to get a ticket into the raffle for an electric scooter! To fill out the question and watch the video, go

As the creators of The Shmuppets will be heading to camp, cheder, and yeshiva in the coming weeks, this week’s video for Matos-Masei will be the last scheduled video for Project Likkutei Sichos.

This week’s video:

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Stay tuned for upcoming new videos from The Shmuppets in the upcoming months, and make sure to watch this week’s video and answer the question at

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