Watch: The Rebbe’s View on Antisemitism

Why do they hate us? What should we do about it? A new presentation, showing today (Tisha B’av), takes an in-depth look at the Rebbe’s approach to combating anti-Semitism.

Explore the Rebbe’s unique take on the root cause of anti-Semitism and how we should respond to it. Watch as the Rebbe draws from the timeless wisdom of our sages, explaining the hatred and setting forth an ideology to mitigate its unpleasantness.

The thirty-minute event, third in the JEM Presents series, features talks and encounters with the Rebbe, as well as personal stories. Presented by JEM’s director, Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin.

The film premieres today – Tisha B’Av – at 2:00 pm ET.

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