Watch: Shmura Matzah Making Join-Along

Two Matzah Making presentations were produced and are being shared for families to enjoy, as everyone around the world stays home during the Covid19 pandemic. 

Little Kids
One presentation is a join-along journey for young children on how to make authentic Shmura Matzah… from wheat to Matzah! This includes harvesting wheat, grinding wheat kernels into flour and baking the Matzah.  This is geared to younger children.

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Older Children & Adults
The second presentation is a hands-on presentation on making Shmura Matzah from scratch, through the process of learning and reviewing the first 11 of the 39 Melachos of Shabbos. The video includes planting and harvesting wheat, grinding wheat kernels into flour and baking Matzah. This presentation also highlights three special aspects to the Shmura Matza we eat on Pesach. Watch the presentation to learn what they are! This is geared for older children and adults.

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The learning generated by these presentations should stand a Zechus for a speedy and complete Refuah Shlaima to all who need it.

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