Watch: More Divrei Torah for Kids, by Kids

Rabbi Yekusiel Goldstein is encouraging children to watch and give over divrei Torah, via a video broadcast of boys and girls sharing a thought on the parsha. Have your own child feature too!

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Rabbi Yekusiel Goldstein has created a new initiative to encourage children to watch and share divrei Torah.

Each week, children will have the opportunity to submit a video of themselves reading a dvar Torah from Rabbi Goldstein’s ‘Divrei Torah for Children.’ The selected video will then be broadcast to a special subscriber list via WhatsApp, YouTube and email.

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[email protected].

The following guidelines should be followed when videoing:

  • Boys or girls under Bar/Bas Mitzva can submit a video
  • Video should be taken in landscape view, in front of a clear background, and not by a window.
  • Video should be taken in a quiet place to avoid background noise and the child should speak loud and clear.
  • Child should practice once or twice before recording.
  • The child should be wearing Shabbos clothes.
  • Camera should be held still. (No selfie videos.)

Submit your video to [email protected] or WhatsApp 203-936-7702. Please contact Rabbi Goldstein before submitting a video to ensure there are no doubles.

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