Watch: JEM’s New Living Torah Program

Watch on The first film from JEM’s 70 Events. Ideas. and Personalities. project to be featured on Living Torah over the next 70 weeks.

As announced last week, In celebration of Yud Shvat 70 years. JEM has launched an initiative showcasing the Rebbe’s enduring influence. Over seventy weeks, seventy short films exploring a wide range of events, ideas, or personalities impacted by the Rebbe. 

The first program, entitled “Here to Help,” is a special presentation highlighting the fascinating events that led up to the Rebbe accepting the leadership of the Chabad movement on the 10th of Shevat in 1951. It was a watershed moment in Chabad that ultimately ended up changing the landscape of Judaism all across the world.

These seventy films will premiere on Living Torah over the next 70 weeks, beginning with this week’s program (no. 804).

The videos will also be available on, along with other related content.

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