Watch: “Challah Mobile” Cruises Streets

This unique “Challah Mobile” circles the streets of Montevideo, Uruguay, announcing to residents the time for Shabbos candles. They call it a Jalamovil in Uruguay.

Shliach Rabbi Eliezer Shemtov tells that it was his son Rabbi Mendy Shemtov’s idea.

“This has been going on every week for about a year now,” said Rabbi Shemtov. “In the summer, when much of the Jewish populace leaves the city and travels to cooler places, the ‘Jalamovil‘ travels to Punta Del Este on the coast and gets to work there.”

The challah drives around town playing music on the loudspeaker. Then the sound comes on of a young child asking her mother in Spanish: “Mommy, Mommy! what time do we light Shabbos candles today?” To which the mother responds: “Today we light candles at 17:57 (5:57).”

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