Watch: Brothers Celebrate Bar Mitzvah by the Rebbe

Watch: Newly uncovered footage show two brothers receiving their Bar Mitzvah Aliya in the presence of the Rebbe, a year apart from each other.

One of the highlights boys experience when having their Bar Mitzvah, is being called up to the Torah and receiving their first Aliya.

How much more memorable this experience must have been, when the Rebbe was present at the Aliya, and standing right near the Bar Mitzvah Bochur.

One family asked their videographer to document these unique moments, as well as highlights of that Shachris with the Rebbe.

With the stunning results, when the family had a second Bar Mitzvah exactly a year later, they documented that Shachris as well.

Recently, the family has come across these two videos, and have shared it with RebbeDrive to restore this historic footage. We invite you to see the results.

Video: Chof Alef Sivan, 5750:

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Video: Chof Alef Sivan, 5751:

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