Wake Up to the Chassidishe Parsha

Twice, the Rebbe encouraged all chassidim to complete Likutei Torah. Rabbi Aryeh Citron started a daily shiur broadcast to help everyone fulfill that goal.

In 5725 (1964) and then again in 5752 (1991), the Rebbe encouraged his Chassidim to complete the Sefarim of Torah Ohr and Likutei Torah, selected ma’amorim of the Alter Rebbe on the weekly parsha. These ma’amorim are colloquially referred to as the Chassidisher Parsha and are two of the most fundamental Sefarim of Chabad Chassidus.

Rabbi Aryeh Citron of Surfside, Florida, has started recording short excerpts of these ma’amorim, relating to the parsha of the week, and posting them on a whatsapp chat every weekday morning. (Only admins can post.)

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Audio: Likkutei Torah Byte

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