Virus Brings Renewed Effort for Children’s Sefer Torah

Over 4,000 children have purchased letters in the Children’s Sefer Torah since the beginning of the outbreak. Chabad Rabbonim are urging everyone to get involved.

By reporter

You are surely asking: Is there any type of spiritual protection for the present situation? Something practical we can do? 

In fact, there is. 

About forty years ago, the Rebbe embarked on a surprising initiative—writing unique Torah scrolls, in which all letters are dedicated exclusively to Jewish boys and girls (boys under the age of thirteen, and girls under the age of twelve).

The Rebbe said that purchasing a letter in these Torah scrolls will bring blessings and protection to the child, his or her family, and the entire Jewish nation. He cited a verse from Daniel’s prophecy: “There will be a time of trouble such as there had never been since there was a nation until that time. But at that time your people shall be delivered, everyone who shall be found written in the book,” namely, in a Torah scroll.

At a cost of one U.S. dollar, you can buy letters for each of your children and the children of relatives and friends. They will also receive a beautiful certificate from Israel, the Holy Land, with their name and the name of the Torah portion where their letter is written.

The date for the next Siyum is set for Chof Menachem Av this year, 53,139 letters are left to complete the 7th Children’s Sefer Torah.

Go to today, purchase a letter for each child, and provide your children with this great privilege and protection!

For adults and children over bar/bas mitzvah go to

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