Virtual Yeshiva for All Chabad Bochurim

A global virtual Yeshiva will launch today for all ages, under the auspices of Igud Mesivtos V’Yeshivos Lubavitch and featuring Shiurim by Roshei Yeshivos and Mechanchim; launching with Shiurim by Rabbi Ezra Shochet, Rabbi A.D. Gancz and Rabbi Fishel Oster.

The world around us is slowly grinding to a halt, the once-bustling supermarket now has just ten workers inside packing boxes for delivery. The hurried social life has been replaced by spending our days with family at home. And the playgrounds have been replaced with the games being played amongst siblings at home.

The usually noisy and vibrant Botei Medrash, so recently full with Bochurim engaged in life’s real purpose, have now moved to the quietest corner of the home.

Yet, just as the bustle of the Beis Medrash brings light and stability to the homes of those who visit, from this corner of the home, a light emerges, as a Bochur sits in front of his Sefer, delving into the sweetness of connection to Hashem.

It’s not only the Bochur that is engulfed in this light, it affects his little brother who comes to watch him, his little sister who knows to be quiet in that part of the house because “Mendy is learning”, and to his father who is suddenly home from work and watches his son learning with that same sincerity that he himself had twenty years ago.

Who can but not see the sheer Nachas it brings to the mother, lighting up her day and bringing joy to her home.

Bochurim are home from Yeshiva, but Seder continues.
That anchor of keeping a set-time devoted to connecting with Sechel Eoki, keeps on going.

Igud Mesivtos V’Yeshivos, and Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim, in partnership with the Yeshivos, are rolling out today (Wednesday) a virtual Seder Yeshiva for Bochurim at home.

The Shiurim, which can be accessed by phone and online, provide a Bochur with the anchor of daily Seder in Gemora and Chassidus, and also in concepts for which the logistics of regular Yeshiva Seder doesn’t permit.

Rabbi Mendel Itzinger, Director of Igud Yeshivos said “With this challenge, comes a unique opportunity for Bochurim to have structure even in distraction, to be an example to their siblings and a joy to their parents, and to brighten up their homes with Torah.

“It gives also the opportunity for Bochurim to acquire knowledge in matters that they wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to know. Balancing Shiurim with self-learning.

Behind the scenes lies Yeshiva-Webinars, who have set up the web-hosting, and worked with Rabbi Dovid Zirkind to create a one-of-a-kind phone line. Ensuring that the Bochurim are able to focus in comfort.

The schedule for this week is already online, with Shiurim by Rabbis Fishel Oster, Ezra Shochet, A.D. Gancz and Leibel Schapiro.

All the Shiurim will be carried live on the Hotline: 1-292-281-6000, and for Marei Mekoms and Shiur viewing on

Additionally, Shiurim will be archived on the Hotline and website, allowing for those in other time-zones can participate.

The Shiurim will be streaming live starting at 12pm EST on, and by phone: 929-281-6000.

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