Vilna to Open First Yeshiva Since World War II

By Reporter

The last week before Rosh Hashanah is one of the busiest for shluchim all over the world. That didn’t stop Rabbi Sholom Krinsky, shliach to Vilnius (Vilna) from getting an important project off the ground.

“We’ve started a campaign for the Vilna Yeshiva, and a new Chabad Center opening in Kovna,” Rabbi Krinsky told “Vilna is known for being a great center of Torah learning due to the countless luminaries who plumbed the infinite depths of Torah in this city for hundreds of years.”

The Vilna Yeshiva will attract students from around the world who desire to train in higher Jewish learning, preparing them for positions as rabbis, teachers and communal leaders for the next generations.

Lithuania, and Vilna in particular, were known as great centers of Jewish scholarship for centuries. Now, eighty years after the start of the Holocaust, Vilna will once again have a yeshiva of its own. This yeshiva will restore a semblance of that intensive Torah study back to its roots in Lithuania’s capital.

“Rabbi Shabsi HaKohen (the Shach, a great Talmudist, born in Vilna in 1622), and of course the Vilna Gaon (born 300 years ago in 1720) and the Alter Rebbe (first Rebbe of Chabad), are just some of the better known intellectual giants who have made Vilna and Lithuania world-famous.” Rabbi Krinsky said. 

The Vilna Yeshiva will function in the Vilnius Choral Synagogue.

To be part of this historic campaign, click here.

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