Video Tour: The Friediker Rebbe’s Yechidus Room

In honor of Hei Teves, presents a unique video tour of the room at the center of the Hei Teves saga and victory.

By: reporter

In honor of Hei Teves, is proud to present an exclusive video tour of the Friediker Rebbe‘s yechidus room. The room is located on the second floor of 770, in the Friediker Rebbe’s apartment.

In the video, chief Aguch librarian Rabbi Sholom Ber Levin shows us around the room where the Friediker Rebbe learned, davened, wrote maamarim, and stored many of the priceless kisvei yad from the previous Rabbeim. Many of the seforim which were stolen prior to Hei Teves were stolen from that very room, and after the victory were returned to their rightful place on those same shelves.

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Click here to download a special booklet by Rabbi Levin on the history of the Seforim case.

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