Vaad: Every Bochur Will Be Cared For

The Vaad Talmidei HaTmimim’s Hachnosas Orchim arm prepares for a record number of visitors spending Tishrei with the Rebbe, davening at the Ohel, and spending time in 770.

Board members of the Hachnosas Orchim arm, philanthropists Menachem Gurevitch, Avrohom Lokshin, and Shneur Minsky, together with the Vaad Hatmimim’s directors are in the midst of intense preparation awaiting the arrival of the thousands of guests.

Accommodations, conveniently located near 770, have been arranged for the many visitors, with spacious and clean rooms prepared. Guests will be warmly received with a thoughtful welcome package and learning material.

A gigantic dining room, “Seudas Eliyahu” has been generously sponsored by Rabbi Eliyahu Schlosberg, providing healthy and nutritious hot meals 3 times a day to the thousands of visiting Bochurim. The dining room this year will be centrally located at Chovevei Torah, with the highest standards of quality in all aspects.

The Vaad has been entrusted by the Hanholas of the Yeshivos around the world to care for the Bochurim’s spiritual development and ensure they spend their time in New York productively; growing in their Yiddishkeit and Hiskashrus.

To that end, the Vaad has produced an attractive learning program, with curricula designed and published for both Niglah and Chassidus. Stimulating shiurim on a wide range of topics have been prepared, and an incentive program is being implemented to encourage attendance.

 “Mashgichim”, carefully selected from the ranks of senior students in 770, will be recording each Bochur’s attendance throughout the month; attendance reports will be emailed to parents each day with detailed records of their son’s participation.

New this year is a website exclusively for parents, where they can register their son’s for the accommodation and programming offered by the Vaad; after registering, parents will be able to follow their child’s attendance and participation in real-time, with pictures being uploaded frequently, so the Bochurim are not “hefker” but with proper hashgacha, as the Rebbe demanded from the Orchim throughout the years.

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