Uplifting Video Honors Zalmy Plotkin’s Memory

Zalmy Plotkin OBM is remembered by friends, family and community alike for his joyous, loving nature. At a recent celebration where Zalmy’s Torah was welcomed, a moving video about him was shown.

A special youth Sefer Torah was recently dedicated in memory of Zalmy Plotkin OBM, son of Markham shluchim Rabbi Avrohom and Goldie Plotkin.

Zalmy was loved for his sweet smile and cheerful disposition, and for his unique way of connecting with everyone he met. He didn’t like to see those close to him unhappy, and if he sensed they were down, he would make it his mission to cheer them up.

Last year, two days before Zalmy’s 15th birthday, his beautiful neshama left this world. At the Hachnasas Sefer Torah two weeks ago, participants watched a moving video presentation depicting the joy and sincerity that Zalmy lived with.

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