Update on Aron ben Chana

One month ago, the worldwide Jewish community was fully engrossed in helping Rabbi Arele Oster – Aron ben Chana – take “One Giant Step.” The following is an update from his family:

“One month since Arele Oster brought us together, we’d like to share an update on his condition and prognosis, and give you a glimpse into the miracle you helped perform:

“First, the update:

  • On Thursday, 23 Adar 1, Arele underwent a 5-hour surgery to remove his four infected limbs, which were an obstacle to his recovery
  • YOU made it possible to dream that this young father and husband can one day rejoin his family as a functioning “mentsch
  • ON PURIM DAY… Arele was transferred to a residential rehab center
  • This week, he began intensive rehab to improve his cognitive and physical strength enough to be eligible for first-stage lightweight prosthetics
  • Over time, and with your continued tefillos, he will graduate to more responsive bionic limbs
  • Finally, his doctors look forward to connecting the advanced limbs that you made possible, giving Arele mobility that most patients in his condition simply can’t dream of

“As Arele faces the long road ahead, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being at his side.

“Please continue to daven for Aaron ben Chana. Please continue strengthening the Achdus that is the heart of our people’s survival.

“With awe, gratitude and brochos ad bli dai,

“Shmuel Gancz, on behalf of the Oster and Gancz families”

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