Unwitting Prophecy at Magazine Hub

When the staff at Derher magazine prepared the Iyar issue six months ago, they had no idea what was coming. The result was a clear hashgacha protis that left them amazed.

Health and wellness, gezunt and bitachon. They’ve become buzz-words over the past two months.

Everyday interactions have moved virtual as families and organizations hold meetings online.

As the world grapples with the spread of Covid-19, Yidden around the world look for direction and inspiration to get through this challenging situation. As always, the Rebbe’s timeless teachings serve as a much needed source of guidance. And as has been true for the past decade, A Chassidisher Derher brings the Rebbe’s words to thousands of readers in a highly readable and enjoyable fashion.

It was months before the world heard of the first coronavirus case in Wuhan, China, and long before Zoom meetings were in-style. As the yomim tovim of Tishrei 5780 winded down, a team of writers and editors met up in an online space to plan and discuss the articles of an upcoming Derher magazine.

One article would detail the Rebbe’s approach to physical health and medical doctors.

Another article would offer an overview of the Sefer Torah Haklali—the Rebbe’s initiative to unite all Jews and save them from danger.

A letter from the Rebbe would advise how to manage stress.

No one could have imagined what was to unfold in the world in between the planning stage and the release of the final product in Iyar 5780!

Hashem’s hand of hashgacha pratis orchestrates this world’s every occurrence, and sometimes we can openly see and appreciate how meticulous it really is!

Subscribers around the worlds are currently reading what the Rebbe says about health: how to follow doctors’ orders, how to take preventive measures and avoid sickness to begin with, and most importantly, how to strengthen our bitachon and faith in Hashem that all will turn out well. In one letter quoted in the article, the Rebbe writes:

“In my opinion, you must do what Torah commanded you—to fulfill the directives of the doctor. Your mind and heart—meaning your thoughts—should be invested in strengthening your bitachon in Hashem, ‘who heals all and does wonders.’ Don’t get involved in chochmas harefuah, that isn’t your job, especially if it affects your mood and depresses you… Tracht gut vet zein gut, think good and it will be good.”

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Wishing everyone a happy and healthy summer with only good news to report, and the best news of all, the coming of Moshiach speedily!

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