Unusual Camp Activity for Mesivta Bochurim

Not your typical summer activity: bochurim from Mesivta Lubavitch Toronto left camp grounds to perform a rare mitzvah.

By Anash.org reporter

Bochurim from Mesivta Lubavitch Toronto are enjoying a summer program in Frederick, Maryland, under the auspices of Rabbi Zalman Oster, and were fortunate to participate in an extremely rare mitzvah this week.

Some distance from the yeshiva’s campus stands a Jewish cemetery, which was, as of yet, unconsecrated. Taking advantage of the yeshiva’s presence nearby, the local shliach invited the bochurim to come and dedicate the cemetery.

Following the minhagim for the consecration, the bochurim fasted for the day, recited designated chapters of tehillim and walked around the cemetery seven times, giving tzedaka after each round.

The cemetery’s owner expressed his tremendous appreciation to the shliach: “Words cannot express my admiration and gratitude for everyone who participated. Please send my thanks and best wishes to everyone!”

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