Unity Torah Picks Up Steam

Only 120,000 letters remain in the Sefer Torah Haklali being written for the protection of the Jewish people. The Rebbe instructed that there be no set price per letter. Sign up your family, relatives and friends today!

In these trying times we must all try to be a source of encouragement to our loved ones and our communities.

Everyone is asking: “What does the Rebbe say?” and everyone is seeking a yeshuah. We would, therefore, like to remind you about the Rebbe’s segulah for times of peril: Buying a letter in the Sefer HaTorah HaKlali!

This is one of the only segulos that was clearly and explicitly heard from the Rebbe. In addition, the Sefer HaTorah HaKlali initiative received direct instructions and guidance from the Rebbe and thus the Sefer HaTorah HaKlali and the Sefer HaTorah Shel Yaldei Yisrael (Kidstorah.org) are the only segulos to receive the Rebbe’s official seal of approval.

Today, the Vaad for the Sefer Torah Haklali is in the midst of a massive initiative to finish the 8th Sefer Torah. Only 120,000 letters remain!

With just a small amount of effort on your part to sign up your own family and friends, this Sefer Torah will be finished very soon.

Please click here to partake.

For more info, you can contact us by email at [email protected].

Click here for a letter from the Beis Din Rabbanei Anash on the importance of this mivtzah.

It must be emphasized that for this Sefer Torah, the Rebbe instructed that there be no set price per letter. Those purchasing set their own price.

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