Unique Summer Program Gears Up For Third Year

The Tzeirei Hatmimim Summer Program, nestled in Baltimore, Maryland, offers both exceptional learning and an invigorating recreational program.

By Anash.org writer

Geared for 6th, 7th and 8th graders, the camp is designed for boys who want a program that offers more than the standard fare. A high level of learning and chassidishe environment combined with a fun and invigorating recreational program combine to create an unforgettable summer experience.

Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf and Rabbi Yosef Klein, experienced and respected mechanchim, teach shiurim and guide the boys in their ruchniusdik growth. They are joined by a carefully selected staff consisting of older bochurim.

“Our son really loved it and grew so much,” said Rabbi Itche Zalmanov of Crown Heights. “The atmosphere was very chassidish, with a koch in learning. We literally saw the chayus that he got. At the banquet, I was able to experience firsthand the special atmosphere, and the special group of boys and staff that were there.”

With top-quality accommodations and tasty meals that are plentiful, the boys are cared for in a way that enables them to flourish spiritually. In addition, the boys enjoy trips that are fun and engaging, helping them to refresh themselves and open their minds for better learning upon their return.

“Our son was treated to the best of the best,” relates Mrs. Sara Morozov. “He loved every part of it. Every time he called he only had positive things to share. The staff went above and beyond their duties, to ensure the best experience for every individual talmid on the highest standards of chassidishkeit.”

Rabbi Leime Willhelm, of Yeshivas Tomechei Temimim of Morristown NJ, whose son attended the program, summed it up in a few words: “It’s a breath of fresh air!”

To register, visit TzeireiHatmimim.com

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