Uniform Gemach to Help Ease Financial Burden

The financial uncertainty caused by the global pandemic is forcing many more families to rely on the Bais Rivkah Uniform Gemach this summer.

In a regular life, this would be the time when children transition out of school uniform dress and into summer/ camp clothing. But these are not regular times. Very little of this season is or has been regular.

With so much uncertainty on so many levels, what we do know as an absolute, is that more families than ever will be turning to the uniform gemach this summer.

It’s not a guess. It’s not an opinion.

It’s a real, hard fact.

Covid = loss of income. It’s the math!

More families than ever are struggling = the need for a significantly larger inventory than ever. It’s the math!

It is in light of this math that we ask you to please keep the gemach storeroom in mind when closing up your daughter’s “school/zoom” year.

It is with this in mind that we ask you to please partner with us to write a new equation by donating gently used uniforms.

Adequate selection of uniforms = much needed relief for families. It’s the math!

The uniform gemach is open to all students wearing navy or green skirts, Bais Rivka sweaters and shirts, and will do our very best to accomodate pre 1 a students.

With wishes for only besuros tovos always

Rochel Lustig
Chani Karp

*Gently used uniforms can be dropped off on the porch @ 379 Crown st

*For appointments please leave a message @ (718)493-1740 after August 16th. All messages are confidential and calls will be returned.

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