Unforgettable Shliach’s Birthday Marked

A farbrengen was held in the sukkah of Rebbetzin Sara Kaplan on the birthday of her late husband the unforgettable chossid and shliach to Tzfas, Rabbi Leibel Kaplan a”h.

The farbrengen is an annual event and is organized by his son Rabbi Chaim Kaplan, shliach to Tzfas.

The farbrengen was led by Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Chitrik, head of the girls’ seminary, Rabbi Mendy Chitrik, shliach to Turkey, Rabbi Assi Spiegel, head of Kolel Toras Rashbi. Also in attendance were Rabbi Leibel Kaplan’s sons-in-law, Rabbi Sholom Ber Hertzel, shliach to Ramat Hagolan and Rabbi Menachem Mendel Wolf, shliach to Ashkelon.

It was also attended by Tzfas mayor Shuki Ohanna and his assitant Danny Chazan.

Photo credit: Omry Peri

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