Outstanding Students Awarded Trip to Haditch

The Annual Grand Mishnayos B’al Peh ceremony of United Lubavitcher Yeshiva took place this past Sunday. 112 Talmidim sat proudly on the bleachers at the event honoring their accomplishments in learning lines, Prokim and Mesechtos of Mishnayos and Tanya B’al Peh.

Chasan HaCheder, Mendel Halevi Lewis, and S’gan HaCheder, Mendel Rendler, were honored as the highest and second-to-highest achievers of the entire Yeshiva. The Yeshiva’s Yud Beis Prokim program encourages Talmidim to complete the first 12 פרקים of תניא by heart.

These Talmidim were awarded with the most meaningful trip of a lifetime: “Journeying to Our Origins,” an all-expenses-paid trip to the Alter Rebbe’s ציון in Haditch. During this trip they will also be visiting the Rebbe’s hometown, Yeketrineslav, and many other מקומות הקדושים in Ukraine.

Temimim Yankel Gurkow, Moshe Nelken and Mendel Halevi Lewis, who have already completed the 12 פרקים and joined this year’s Haditch trip, were also honored at Sunday’s event.

A total of 322 boys were awarded with seforim and other Judaic prizes, accumulating 223 Prokim Tanya and 350 Prokim Mishnayos learned, a grand total of 52,168 lines of Mishnayos and Tanya B’al Peh this year.
Rabbi Y. Simpson
, the Menahel, spoke about the power of internalizing Mishnayos B’al Peh, and how its study kindles the נשמה = משנה, making it a שלהבת עולה מאליה.

The highlight of the event was an inspiring address by Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky, who shared his experience in Yechidus as a child during which the Rebbe tested him on Tanya B’al Peh

Rabbi Mordechai and Mrs. Shterny Kanelsky of Bris Avrohom have been long time supporters of the Tanya B’al Peh program in United Lubavitcher Yeshiva, which they dedicate in loving memory of their daughter Bas Sheva, as part of the Bas Sheva Mitzvos Campaign to Greet Moshiach.

The Mishnayos B’al Peh program is greatly indebted to the dedicated 7th and 8th graders who spent countless hours throughout the year testing and encouraging the Talmidim of all the grades, and mostly to Rabbi Yossi Teleshevsky, the Tzivos Hashem Base Commander, for spearheading the Mishnayos B’al Peh program in Yeshiva.

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