Tznius Project Returns for Another Summer

Project Elevate, an 11-day camp-based program is back and better than ever, with a resource-loaded website and incredible new raffles.

By reporter

Every year, thousands of Jewish girls in camp participate in Project Elevate, an eleven-day program which promotes the mitzvah of tznius in a beautiful and fun way.

This summer every camper will be decorating a poster of all the daily Tznius learning cards and bring it home to hang up in their bedrooms. Every camper will be given a bracelet with a Tznius slogan.

During camp, the girls learn all about tznius through Chassidus, halacha, and Jewish history. They then fill out the answer to the question, and check off if they kept their hachlata that day. 

At the conclusion of the contest, all campers who filled out the answers receive a free ice cream certificate card. Girls who complete 10 out of 11 days enter raffles for two incredible prizes of 14k gold earrings generously donated by Kirsh Jewelers, and a 14k gold personalized name bracelet.

Special features have been added to this year’s program: Girls who share the daily Tznius learning card 8 out of 11 days with their family, enter a raffle to win a rose gold 14k necklace with a dime from the Rebbe!

The second, game-changing addition is, the program’s website, enabling all Jewish girls everywhere to join Project Elevate, whether they attend a participating camp or not. The site also hold all the resources used in the program that can be downloaded if misplaced, as well as all the project’s videos and sound tracks.

This year, the project will run for eleven camp days, July 4 -20 2021, 25 Tammuz – 11 Av 5781.

Give your daughter the gift of learning about tznius in a positive light. Enroll at now! In the zechus of our joint effort in elevating ourselves, may we merit to see the whole world elevated with the coming of Geulah Hashleima Now!

Please join and help sponsor by donating via Paypal to [email protected]
Mothers that are interested in going into day camp to do the Project with the campers please email us at [email protected].

All are welcome to receive our less than 2 minute daily Tznius insight video during the 11 days of Project Elevate.

Participating camps include: Beis Rivka, Naharia, Bnos Menachem, Beis Chaya Mushka, Monsey, Mountain Lodge, Cozy Acres, Inner Circle and Mei Menuchas day camps.

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