Tzivos Hashem Issues Measles Letter

Dear Principals and Parents,

It is my responsibility to notify you that there has been a confirmed case of measles in the Crown Heights community.

Our Safety Committee asked that we seek advice from a community doctor. We are currently in the process of communication and will keep you informed.

As director of the Chidon, it is my responsibility to notify you that Tzivos Hashem cannot and will not take any responsibility for anyone who is chas veshalom exposed to measles or impacted in any way.

Being that the carrier was in Oholei Torah while the children were in the building, the health department and local doctors have banned any unvaccinated Oholei Torah child from participating in the Chidon.

With regard to all other children, it is up to each school and parent to do what’s best for their child.

As we end the month of Adar Sheini, that is ‘בריא מזלי, may we all merit gezunt, good news and nachas from our children.

Shimmy Weinbaum on behalf of the Tzivos Hashem Administration

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