Tzivos Hashem Aims for One Million Dollars

The Tzivos Hashem world transformation campaign has begun! From today, Tuesday, at 2 pm, to Wednesday at 6 pm, the clock will be ticking. These 28 hours are critical to raise $1 million dollars for Tzivos Hashem; it’s all or nothing!

Today, join us as #THTransforms!

Donate now and quadruple your contribution in Hashem’s army and your impact on the world.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter in your email address
  3. Donate generously
  4. Donate in honor of a specific child in Tzivos Hashem, and they will earn a raffle ticket to win a dollar from the Rebbe.
  5. Donate more than in the past and go up in rank!

Every $1 is $4

A Private’s donation of $18 = $72

A Sergeant’s donation of $126 = $504

A General’s donation of $3,600 = $14,400

Our future—the future of our children—depends on you,

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