Tzfas Summer Adventure Comes to an End

Another successful summer at Yeshivas Kayitz Tzeirei Hashluchim recently came to an end. The yeshiva, which is under the leadership of Rabbi Chaim Kaplan, shliach to Tzfas, and directed by Eli Rosenfeld, is held in a beautiful campus nestled in the mountains overlooking the hills of Tzfas.

Over one hundred bochurim gathered to enjoy a well-rounded program which included a full learning schedule complemented by competitive sports league and exciting trips.

The bochurim started each morning with a shiur chassidus. After davening and breakfast, they learned about pas aku”m and enjoyed an extensive curriculum exploring the history and significance of the major cities in Eretz Yisroel. The course started with sources in Tanach, then went through our Rebbeim’s teachings.

The afternoons were spent learning Gemara Rosh Hashana, with over 60 bochurim doubling their gemara quotas in their free time as part of a Mivtzah Torah. Those who participated were treated to a scuba diving trip in the breathtaking waters of Eilat.

The innovative Tef Hecher program, modeled after a real-life credit card reward system, provided a platform for bochurim to monitor and pace their growth in chassidishe hanhaga with many perks and benefits to help them along.

This summer there was also a special mivtza in memory of a former Yeshivas Kayitz participant, Shmuel ben R’ Asher Karnowski A”H. Over 80 bochurim learned a maamar of the Rebbe by heart each Shabbos and were treated to an off-road Jeep excursion in the mountains of the Galil at the end of the summer.

Trips included hikes through historic landmarks, visits to kivrei tzadikim and other mekomos hakedoshim, army bases, the yam hamelach, Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, parasailing, ATV and camel riding. From the northern Golan Heights all the way to southern Eilat, the bochurim didn’t leave a stone of the Holy Land untouched. The Shabbosim spent in the old city of Yerushalayim and Chevron were definite favorites with the group.

The dedicated staff headed by Shaya Itkin and Mendel Winner ensured that every bochur had an extraordinary experience and is returning to their respective yeshivos energized and ready for a successful year. The memories and experiences accumulated throughout the summer are sure to have a lasting impact.

One thankful parent summed it up perfectly: “Kol Hakavod for accomplishing a difficult feat – inspiring and pushing the boys to grow and have a blast while doing it.”

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