Tzach Releases Parade Map and Promo Song

Every year on Lag Baomer, Chabad communities across Eretz Yisroel gather to mark the day with rallies and parades. This year, over 800 events will take place across the country, including 236 central parades organized by Tzach, the umbrella organization for Chabad Youth in Eretz Yisroel.

Through an interactive map index published online, Israelis can now find the location and program details of parades taking place in their city. Parades are being advertised under the umbrella “Hatahalucha,” and a special song has been prepared for the day.

An exclusive video depicting messages related to Ahavas Yisroel and the 12 pesukim will be shown at the events. This video was produced by Yahadut TV and edited by Tzach. Two new children’s books have been published for the occasion and will be given as a gift to all participants.

A special song was produced for the occasion

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