Transform Your Homes

As a father rebukes his child, the Rebbe lovingly rebuked his chassidim. In a letter to the anash community of Montreal dated Shevat 5714 (1954), the Rebbe expressed deep disappointment with the status of the yeshiva – how it should be on a different level in every way.

“The reason for this is the state of anash families. One thinks highly of himself since he hasn’t touched his beard, and that he learns nigleh and Chassidus, but doesn’t realize how deep he has sunk in hanachos ha’olam (the ways of the world), and how it is affecting the yeshiva.

“In order to sink you into materialism, the yetzer hara had to work hard, to detach you from your years in Otvotzk, Warsaw and Lubavitch; but for the next generation it’s quite simple, since they just follow the path of the parents, as a given.

“It is not my nature or occupation to scold, but I attempt with my last strengths to arouse you. It’s already high time that you transform your homes to chassidisher homes, homes like the [Frierdiker] Rebbe wants. As a result, the mosad will also be as the Rebbe wishes.”

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