Toronto Rebbi Creates Valuable ‘Baal Peh’ Tool

Toronto rebbi Rabbi Moshe Weinfeld has created a sing-along visual-audio clip for Pirkei Avos, a valuable resource for children learning Mishnayos Ba’al Peh.

Mishnayos Baal Peh. It’s something kids are encouraged to do in school. And camp. And home.

Children are told memorizing lines of mishnayos is a powerful weapon against evil and it purifies the air.

Nevertheless, for many kids this beautiful mission may seem difficult. Especially in a language they don’t understand well. For better or worse, kids are used to seeing everything on a screen, in color and with music.

Now, these same tools are being transformed to help kids with memorizing mishnayos baal peh.  A true gift to our children, “Singing Pirkei Avos” is an visual-audio clip that has made big waves in Israel, being sold by the hundreds. Created and arranged by Israeli musician Elor Velner, a new version has been updated with the beautiful voice of Toronto rebbi Moshe Weinfeld, with an accent kids in US and Canada are used to.   

In this wonderful clip, a backdrop displays Pirkei Avos, word-by-word, to the tune of upbeat niggunim.  (See sample clip below)

Yes, this clip is out and ready to be sent to you! Watch how kids can now learn Pirkei Avos by-heart so easily! It’s really a must. Play it in the home. Play it in the car. Play it while waiting for a friends to arrive or the child who is finally in bed. Before long, your kids are going to know those lines. And they won’t be forgotten so easily with the catchy tunes!

Whether as a goal to memorize the Pirkei Avos, or to create a positive, spiritual feeling in your home, those holy words of mishnayos are an inspiration for your family. Your kids and students will catch on fast, and soon be singing Mishnayos Baal Peh, purifying the air wherever they go (see Hayom Yom 11 Teves).

For easy download on any media device, for only $6, contact Moshe Weinfeld: 6477193002

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