Torah and Trade Program in Eretz Yisroel

Baruch Hashem, after an amazing year at the Oholei Temimim English-Speaking Program in Kfar Chabad, bochurim successfully received their Smicha from Harav Yeruslavski.

The bochurim had the opportunity to meet with Rabbi Dovid Lau, the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, who greeted the bochurim warmly, acknowledging their great accomplishment.

Rabbi Lau shared words of inspiration and encouragement, emphasizing that wherever one goes, one must remember what they represent, making sure to be a living example.

Rabbi Dovid Barber, will be heading the program this upcoming year.

Due to the high demand, Oholei Temimim is opening the program for Bochurim ages 17-18, with a separate curriculum.

The program is being improved this upcoming year to be even better both b’gashmius u’beruchnius, including additional experienced and devoted staff and shluchim. 

The goal of the program is ‘Torah and Trade’ in the spirit of Tomchei Temimim, and caters to bochurim who are interested in learning, yet are looking for a lighter daily schedule. The style of the learning will be tailored in a way that makes it easier to get involved and more enjoyable.
The daily schedule consists of learning nigleh and chassidus, with weekly farbrengens.

Bochurim at Oholei Temimim will also have the opportunity to learn a trade on site, taught by qualified teachers with professional equipment.
The program includes regular Shabbatons and trips around Eretz Yisroel.
There will also be a range of extra curricular activities, such as music, art, krav maga and horseback riding. (Based on popular demand and availability.)

There are both indoor and outdoor basketball courts and an indoor swimming pool on site.

The idea of learning Nigle and Chassidus together with a trade, dates back to the year 5712, when the Rebbe initiated the establishment of such a program in a letter, stating the definite great gain it would bring. It was later established in the year 5715 in Kfar Chabad, under the Rebbe’s clear directives.

The current program is taking place on the same grounds as the original, in a beautiful newly renovated building.

Limited spaces available.
For more information please contact:
Rabbi Dovid Barber/ Rabbi Zalman Torenheim+15162431108 (USA) +972587706927 (EY)[email protected]

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