9:00 PM: Pesach Sheini Farbrengen with Rabbi Perelmuter

Tune in at 9:00 PM: Chabad of South Broward is hosting a farbrengen in honor of Pesach Sheini with veteran shliach and world-renowned speaker and humorist Rabbi Abba Perelmuter.

Chabad of South Broward under the leadership of Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus, will offer their weekly Zoom Farbrengen to the greater international community, Thursday night, May 7th, Pesach Sheni, at 9PM ET. Leading the Farbrengen will be Rabbi Abba Perelmuter. The veteran four decade Shliach, based in Long Beach, California, will speak on the theme of Pesach Sheni, “It’s Never Too Late.” Zoom ID is 901381690, Zoom Password is 066539.  

Rabbi Perelmuter is a noted world renowned speaker, sought after for his encyclopedic knowledge of Jewish History, his unparalleled humor, his keen talent as a master storyteller and his ability to engage in a unique and personal manner to any audience. 

Since the onset of Covid-19, Chabad of South Broward has organized well received Zoom Farbrengens on 11 Nissan (Rabbi Yossi Lew), 18 Nissan (Rabbi Dovid Dubov), 28 Nissan (Rabbi Mendel Rubin) and 2 Iyar (Rabbi Eli Matusof). These Zoom Farbrengens have attracted a diverse crowd of hundreds of people from many corners of the globe.  

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