Live: An Evening of Learning and Music

An Evening of Learning and Music will take place at the Lubavitcher Yeshiva hall tonight for the entire community, featuring Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, with music and vocals led by Berel Zucker with The Shira Choir.

The entire Crown Heights community is invited to an evening of learning and music this coming Tuesday, Zayin Adar, in honor of the month of Adar.

The program will feature a text-based study with renowned maggid shiur Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, shliach in Thornhill, Ontario, on the Maamer Layehudim Hoysa Orah 5741, which was delivered by the Rebbe on Purim, Erev Shabbos after Mincha.

Music and vocals will be led by the Shira Choir and Yehuda Piamenta. May lead to dancing!

The event will take place in Lubavitch Yeshiva hall, 570 Crown Street (entrance on Albany). The shiur will start 8:00 pm sharp and the music will begin at 9:30 pm. The event is open to both men and women.

A live stream will be made available for those unable to attend and will be broadcast live on

The event is being designed by Chani Greenbaum and produced by Menachem Benchemon.

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