Today: 770 Purchased

770 as it looked in approximately 5700/1940. Photo: courtesy of NYC DOF

On this day in 5700/1940, the official “closing” on the building of 770 took place.

Soon after the Frierdiker Rebbe arrived on 9 Adar II of that year, a special Vaad headed by Rav Shlomo Aron Kazarnovsky began to look for a suitable place for the Rebbe to live and to have his court. After a while, the building of 770 was found to be a suitable place, with room for an apartment, yechidus room, offices for the mosdos, and a shul.

After initial opposition from neighbors, the Vaad purchased the house on 12 Menachem Av, 5700/1940.

(The purchase was made for $30,000. After inflation, that would be $525,000 in today’s money.)

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