Tishrei Guests Wrap Up a Month of Inspiration

By Anash.org reporter

As the thousands of bochurim who spent the month of Tishrei by the Rebbe prepare to head home, they gathered for one final time in Beis Rivka’s Rosa Hall for a grand farbrengen and Tseischem L’Shalom.

Rabbi Yisrael Tzvi Glitzenstein was first to address the bochurim. He read from a letter he personally received from the Rebbe, where the Rebbe stressed the importance of writing to the Rebbe in great detail and length.

At the conclusion, the crowd heard from the Rebbe’s chief chozer Reb Yoel Kahn who emphasized that while each of them is returning to his individual place, he must never be “Nispa’el” from the world around him.

Many of the bochurim expressed gratitude to the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim, the organization in charge of providing for the guests’ physical and spiritual needs, for all that they have done for them over the past month.

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