Moscow Children Davening Trip

Marina Roscha shul children toured Moscow’s Botanical Garden and recite Birkas Ho’ilanos.

On Chol Hamoed Pesach, participants of the weekly Tehillim group went on a special trip to the beautiful Botanical Gardens.  Every Shabbos they meet at Moscow’s Marina Roscha shul to recite kapitlach Tehillim, and now they went together to recite the special blessing on the trees which can only be said during the month of Nissan.

This wonderful l initiative is the brainchild of the shul’s devoted gabbaim who organize programs throughout the year for the hundreds of children who come to shul on Shabbos and Yom Tov. These include Chevra Tefilla – which encourages the children to daven slowly and to answer Amen loud and clear. After davening they say the twelve psukim together and receive a treat. On Shabbos afternoons they gather once again – this time to recite Tehilim together, their sweet and pure voices filling the large hall and throughout the shul’s corridors, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and regulars alike.

After a full year of participation, the children were treated to a special trip at Moscow’s Botanical Gardens. There they received a guided tour among the flowering trees, and as soon as the Chief Rabbi of Russia arrived, they recited the special blessing on the trees together with him. Loud and clear their voices rang out, causing a huge kiddush Hashem among the park’s many visitors.

After an award ceremony in which prizes were gifted to the children, Rabbi Lazar spoke about the tree and its fruits, comparing it to the childrens’ learning and davening. He encouraged them to continue attending the special programs at the Marina Roscha shul, and to bring along more Jewish children, influencing them to bring more yiddishkeit to their families in turn.

Then, to their great delight, the children were taken to the famous Mosquarium aquarium to continue their Chol Hamoed trip.

Photos: Levi Nazarov

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