Tiferes Hosts Winter Experience

Yeshiva Tiferes Bachurim in Morristown, NJ just concluded a most memorable winter event. With 25 visitors from around the world, it was truly inspirational for guests and Rabbis alike.

Meticulously scheduled by Rabbi Yaakov Wagner and Rabbi Boruch Hecht, this year’s speakers included: Rabbi YY Jacobson, Rabbi Manis Friedman, and Rabbi Shea Hecht. A special musical farbrengen was lead by Rabbi Motti Flikstien.

They also had local guest lecturers: Rabbi Moshe Herson, Rabbi Mendy Herson, Mr. Victor Felzenberg, Rabbi Ephraim Piekarsky, Rabbi Avraham Levine, Rabbi Zalman Wilshansky, and Rabbi Yitzchak Lerman.

All this In addition to their own outstanding staff: Rabbi Yaakov Wagner Rabbi Zalman Dubinsky, Rabbi Chaim Brafman, and Rabbi Dovid Dick.

Attendees of the program were overwhelmed with excitement from this unique experience.

Joseph T. from Phoenix AZ shared his amazement, “The name of the event was very appropriate because although I never experienced anything like this, it did just that, ignited my soul! I now see that it’s not about the color of your hat but your connection to Hashem!”

Jacob M. from Pittsburgh PA spoke of his exposure to the “big books”:

“I always enjoyed the Singing and the spirit of Judaism but I was just afraid of all those big books that religious people seem steeped in! Coming here allowed me to confront the books head-on and see that I can also learn to understand them!”

Josh F. from Chicago, IL told of the meaning it gave him:

“Coming here I did not know what to expect but what I found was amazing! In University the time flies by, everything is so mechanical. Here it felt as if time came to a stop. Every day was so full of learning and inspiration that my time here felt like the most meaningful in my life!”

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