Through Our Tears, We Thank Hashem for Nissim

As we brace ourselves for a Yom Tov fraught with painful challenges, we thank Hashem for every life miraculously saved, and beg for one yeshua- the one we truly need.

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Over the past few days, messages from community members and Hatzalah volunteers have shown that light is beginning to filter in through the clouds. The number of Yidden returning home from the hospital is increasing while the number of cases in New York declines. 

This year, as we prepare to welcome Zman Cheiruseinu, we are bracing ourselves for a Yom Tov fraught with painful challenges and restrictions. We thank Hashem for every life saved, and for each member of the global Anash mishpacha who is on the road to recovery. Many of those returning home share that they are seeing open miracles on this journey. Please continue to say tehillim for them. 

As we prepare to commemorate yetzias mitzrayim, we beg Hashem to send one yeshua –  the one that we truly need. May we merit to sit at our Rebbe’s seder table together with all of our loved ones with the coming of Moshiach immediately.  

These members of the worldwide anash community have been discharged from the hospital and will be home for Yom Tov.

Shlomo Hakohen ben Luba Michla Zarchi

Chaya Sara bas Basheva Zarchi

Moshe ben Matil Shaindel Raitport 

Yisroel Shimon ben Basheva Kalmenson

Fayge Genendel bas Mariasha

Shmuel ben Rivka Kravitsky

Michoel Ezra ben Esther Toiba

Chanan Yitzchok ben Marcel

Rabbi Yossi Mayarchok

Rabbi Shmerel Roitblatt 

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