This Week’s Sholom Zochors

We share a list of Crown Heights Sholom Zochors for the week of Shabbos Parshas Matos-Masei.

  • Crown Heights

Aharon and Chana Lashkar 679 Montgomery St. Apt 3G.

Levi Yitzchak and Chany (nee Markovitch) Eidelman – 816 Montgomery st (between Albany Ave and Troy Ave)

Getzy and Mushky (nee Chayo) Goldstein – 332 New York Ave, (between President St and Union St)

Mordi and Nina (nee Barnett) Simons – 559 Brooklyn Ave, 6th Floor (between Maple St And Midwood St)

Shaya and Mushka (nee Pinson) Zalmanov – 790 Troy Ave (between Lenox Rd and Linden Blvd)

  • Monsey, NY

Zalmy and Miriam (nee Shain) Raskin – 31 Sherwood Ridge Road, Pomona NY

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