This Week’s Sholom Zochors

We share a list of Crown Heights Sholom Zochors for the week of Shabbos Parshas Pinchas.

Shneor and Miriam Ladaiov 647 Midwood St. #2

Shmuly and Gittel (née Sternberg) Sputz 1267 President St. (Between Brooklyn and New York)

Avremel and Lieba (née Fischer) Kugel 678 Eastern Parkway #1 (Between Brooklyn and New York)

Moshe and Moussia (nee Greisman) Delerb – 1465 Carroll St (between Albany Ave and Troy Ave)

Shneur and Shayna Rochel (nee Abramowitz) Bialestock – 1520 President St (between Troy Ave and Albany Ave)

Shmuly and Gisa (nee Shechter) Wienberg – 706 Montgomery St (between Kingston Ave and Albany Ave)

Natan and Moussie (nee Lesches) Ferszt – 329A Crown St (between New York Ave and Nostrand Ave)

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