This Week’s Sholom Zochors is pleased to share with our readers a list of Sholom Zochors for the week of Shabbos Tetzaveh.

Yosef and Dassi (Mochkin) Brook – 1335 Carroll St. (Between Kingston and Brooklyn)

Menachem and Itty (nee Kreiner) Reich – 301 President St. (Between Brooklyn and New York)

Sholom and Esther Leah Zarchi – 455 Crown Street (Between Kingston and Brooklyn)

Tzali and Estee (nee Abend) Wilschanski – 789 Montgomery St (Between Albany and Troy)

Tzvi and Sheva Tauby – 1146 Park Place (Between Albany and Virginia Pl)

Lipman and Mushky (nee Lipskier) Kosofsky – 305 Crown st (Between New York and Nordstrand)

Zalman and Mushka (nee Wolowik) Korf – 510 Crown st. #1B

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