This Week’s Sholom Zochors

We share a list of Crown Heights Sholom Zochors for the week of Shabbos Bereishis.

Yisroel Tommer and Rochel (nee Weiner) Weingarten – 581 Crown Street (between Albany & Troy)

Meir Shlomo and Mushky (nee Chazan) Kaplan – Beis Knesses Anash 770 Montgomery St.

Peretz and Sara (nee Katz) Kaplan – Beis Knesses Anash 770 Montgomery St.

Shimon and Breiny (nee Putter) Liani – 703 Midwood St. corner Troy

Yossi and Chaya (nee Hirsch) Lebovic – 1242A Lincoln Pl. (between Troy and Schenectady)

Otniel Nizar – 679 Montgomery St. Apt #C3

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