This Week’s Sholom Zochor List

We share a list of Crown Heights Sholom Zochors for the week of Shabbos Parshas Bamidbar.

Avremi and Bracha Mann 1650 President St. #1F (Between Schenectady and Utica)

Moshe and Chana Esther (nee Brennan) Lewis – 823 Montgomery Street (between Albany Ave and Troy Ave).

Mendel and Devora Leah (née Katz) Erlenwein – 506 Lefferts Ave third floor.

Eli and Ruti (nee Brand) Steinhauser – 1665 President St. (Between Utica And Schenectady Ave).

Shlomy and Aidele (nee Oster) Vigler – 699 Montgomery St. (between Kingston Ave and Albany Ave).

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