They Won’t Forget Where They Were

Previous Bayis Raffle winners reflect on what it felt like when they received the call that their rent was covered for half a year.

Our previous winners span 3 countries and 2 continents, yet all can attest to the difference that winning the Bayis Raffle made to them.

Rabbi Kalmenson (France) was encouraged by his daughter to buy a ticket, so he bought one in her z’chus. When he discovered he was the lucky winner he joyfully passed it over to his daughter, who was soon to marry, to cover the rent for the first 6 months of their year in Kollel.

Rabbi Michoel Goldman (Hawaii) always bought a ticket to the Bayis Raffle but never actually thought he would win. Imagine his surprise when he answered his phone one day to discover that he was, indeed, the lucky winner!

Additional previous winners of the Bayis Raffle include:

The Rivkin Family – Kfar Chabad

The Levinson Family – Crown Heights

The Monostritzky Family – Haifa

This year’s winner can be you! Add your name to the list of lucky families who benefited from their support of Hafatzos Hamaayanos by participating in the Bayis Raffle.

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Thank you for your support,

Rabbi Avraham Mann

Director – Ohr HaChassidus

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