These Singers Have a Request of You

Singers, mashpi’im and friends of the Zucker family continue to rally in support of Chazzan Berel Zucker, asking that everyone reach into their pockets and donate to help the family during these difficult times.

Jewish singers, mashpi’im and family friends have rallied in support of their dear friend and fellow singer, Berel Zucker, whose wife Raizel passed away Thursday at the young age of 39.

Berel Zucker is a renowned Chazan and singer, and is beloved by his fellow music industry professionals, who are asking for the public’s support of the Zucker family.

With heroism, generosity, and positivity, Raizel fought a terrible illness
for many months, and she tragically passed away on Thursday, leaving her devastated husband and 8 young children – the youngest only 2 years old.

A venerable board of businessmen and activists have set up the Zucker Family Fund, to help purchase the Zucker’s a home, pay for food, clothing, education, necessities, and get Berel back on his feet.

Please go to and give with an open heart in
memory of Raizel, whose heart was always open for others. There is
nothing she would want more than to know that her family is taken
care of. You can help.

Click here to help now.

To see the video by the American singers click here.

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