#TheRebbe: Stories of the Rebbe’s Impact on Social Media

Ever wondered how the Rebbe’s impact can be felt throughout the entire world? In this digital age there’s a campaign to help accomplish just that!  

Thousands of people have been to the Rebbe for Yechidus. Tens of thousands have passed by him for Kos Shel Brachah. Hundreds of thousands have received a dollar at Sunday Dollars. Perhaps millions though, continue to be impacted by the Rebbe’s life and legacy, through his teachings and Shluchim. How can these precious moments be kept alive? More importantly, how can their effect be increased, to influence others?

Followers and chasidim of the Rebbe, or anyone who can point to an area of their life touched by the Rebbe – can all attest to the Rebbe’s reach and influence, and how it has only grown and intensified.

Merkos Suite 302, with the help of Chabad.org, have launched a campaign to help bring these precious moments of connection to life. Social media users are encouraged to share their moment, story, or effect of the Rebbe, as well as post a mitzvah they are doing in honor of the Rebbe, with the hashtag #therebbe. 

“We are constantly seeing and hearing about the impact of the Rebbe”, says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, “this is an incredible opportunity to record and publicize these many encounters, and allow them to impact even more people.”

The goal of this campaign is to shine light on these encounters, and to allow them to continue to shine bright, and affect others.

“These encounters have shaped and touched thousands”, says Rabbi Nochum Schapiro, “and our goal is to magnify their reach even more. It will inspire and motivate many more people to realize their connection to the Rebbe, and discover how the Rebbe is in their life”  

If you, or anyone you know, has (or had) a moment or area of their life impacted by the Rebbe, share it on social media with the hashtag #therebbe.  

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