Evolution of the Sukkah Mobile

The Sukkah Mobile has been a mivtzoim staple for shluchim and anash for decades. Like a mitzvah tank, it allows a Jew to be reached wherever he or she may be. In fact, it can go places that even a “tank” can not; all you need is a small, clear, surface, on which to put up a few walls and schach.

During the Yom Kippur war, when soldiers were on the battlefield over Sukkos, Chabad Sukkah Mobiles made the dangerous trip to the front lines to bring sukkahs the daled minim to Israeli soldiers who were far from home.

In recent years, the Sukkah mobile has taken various forms; a sukkah being pulled by a bicycle has become a pretty common sight.

We are pleased to present a photo collection of various types of Sukkah Mobiles.

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