The Revolution Isn’t Finished

In 1953 Rabbi JJ Hecht approached our Rebbe with a revolutionary idea for a girls overnight camp, which he would call Emunah. 68 years later Camp Emunah almost didn’t open. Now they need our help.


We are a community – We are a family – We are a people

In 1953 Rabbi JJ Hecht approached our Rebbe with a revolutionary idea. He proposed establishing a residential summer camp for Jewish girls, for Lubavitcher girls. He would call it Emunah – faith and truth.

The Rebbe hesitated and then gave his blessings and directives. The rest is history. Until 2020!

68 years later Emunah almost did not open. And then, despite the enormous challenges, it did!

It took the enduring power of our Rebbe, the legacy of Rabbi Hecht and the encouragement and financial support of several prominent Lubavitch community leaders, to make the miracle happen.

On Chof Av in 1990, a few days after the passing of Rabbi Hecht, our Rebbe spoke of Rabbi Hecht’s legacy and the importance of Camp Emunah – faith and truth.

Approaching  the summer of 2020 a group of caring, purposeful people, saw the potential danger, and with great dedication and devotion undertook to help underwrite the overwhelming financial challenge so that Emunah could lease an appropriate facility in the camp-friendly State of Pennsylvania. 


The amazing results.

500 Lubavitcher girls from Crown Heights and across America are enjoying a fabulous exciting summer vacation in Emunah of the Poconos.

That is not all. Emunah never settled only for the highest standards of physical excellence. Our spiritual profile was always much superior.

So how do we bring the sublimely spiritual into the reality of the world?

We print an Emunah Tanya on Rabbi Hecht’s Yahrzeit -the 15th of Av – in Green Lane, Pennsylvania. The girls of Emunah are out front, leading Lubavitch to uplift the world.

We are immensely thankful to those great donors who started the ball rolling. Now we must raise the final payment to complete the summer in good health and gratifying accomplishment.

The wonderful Yossi and Batsheva Popack have come to the rescue and gave an additional large donation to help us reach our goal.

Now we need you to help us get to the finishing line!

Please do not let us down. Help us reach our goal before Chof Av.

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